Companion for Fortnite App Reviews

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Great app, very helpful!

Would recommend

One of the best apps on my phone

In the long while I’ve been on iOS, few apps have stuck around on my main home screen as this one. It’s simple, quick to load, easy to find whatever I need, the interface is beautiful and I LOVE the addition of challenge tracking (one of my small pet peeves with the app, good job there Gnejs). The ads are incredibly light and you can post pone them for free, although I personally feel I have used the app enough to warrant becoming a Mythic Supporter(~$35?). I have recommended this app to all of my squad and beyond, and they use it just as daily as I do. Thank you again for the wonderful app.

A verte good and useful game

This game helps my find chests and complete challenges in fortnite

Solid App

I like that this app not only tracks stats but also gives the overview and locations of the weekly challenges. The only reason it’s not a 5 Star for me right now is that there are still a few bugs with it. Sometimes when I go into the stats tracker it loads some of the sections twice and will sometimes even include those in your lifetime stats which makes them display incorrectly. Overall solid app.

Amazing app

Does that is so cool because it let you see were all the chest tube any machines are and that’s really hard to get vending machines keep it up epic games


Very helpful every time I needed something I came to this game

Very Good

Handy when away from PS4.

Mad snazz

This app is really good

The best game in the world

It is

Great app⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This app hooked me from the start everything is great I wished it had console follower though great app

Very helpful and informative

I downloaded this app a little bit after the game released and then it was still helpful but not a lot of content was out and Battle Royale wasn’t out so I didn’t see the point in needing the companion app. But now after almost a year of being out there is so much more this app has to offer. Just download it and see for yourself. Keep up the good work everyone love the app!!!!


Lots of help. Get this app if you play fortnite. You will not regret it.


Keep up the good work


this app is really good for alot of fortnite players

Great app

I really like it.

Pretty good, some bugs

It’s a good app for checking damage stats with guns and other loads of stuff, for example, random drop, chest locations and vending machines too. only problem is i can’t get the player stats to show, fix it and it’ll be a five star app 🤷🏼‍♂️


Works perfectly, and is the only one I’ve tried so far up to date and doesn’t have a rediculous amount of ads!

Well Rounded App !

Gives a lot of info and it’s nice to be able to check sales without logging in game.


I use this app all the time because I grind all the time. It has tons of good info and need to know stuff like a map with all the chests and vending machines which I super helpful. It’s also cool to be able to look up my friends profiles before I play duos with them so I know if they are good or not. My only complaint is that this app won’t help me get more dubs and I need more dubs.


Great info! Whoever put this together did a lot of work and research! Very useful.

Useful app!

Took a little while to understand navigating but once I did it’s been invaluable as a resource for pve

Very handy!!

Easy to read and understand, great app!

Very helpful!

I got this app because I needed help with knowing where the chest were, and it helped so much! I could find my friend’s stats and everything! It was super helpful! 🤗


Doesn't make sense

Really Good, but has bugs

I recently downloaded this app to help me in fortnite. After looking around, I realized that I couldn’t view the screenshots from the fortnite chests. If this is an error on my part, someone explain. If not then this is a bug. 10/10 recommended for fortnite players. 😂😂

it is ok

The search a player does not work

Good app

Shows all the info I need to know. I wish the landscape view worked a little better. Doesn't let you see the whole page, and you can't scroll up and down on the main page. But other then that it's pretty good.

Great app

Nice guide/ info updated regularly

I love it

This app helped me with the vending machines and chest locations. It has also helped me with my weekly challenges.


Very helpful for quickly checking alerts and llamas. It also has been super helpful when making decisions for deep choice events. The app is smooth, well organized, and easy to use. Definitely worth downloading. I think it’s worth supporting too, if you play a lot of save the world. If you only play battle royale though, then this app isn’t for you.


This amazing app has definitely helped me with chest locations and other stuff. It is really organized and neat. I would recommend this app than any other guides.


GG m8

Fortnite rules!

If you love the game, you will love the app. Helps you fly through battle passes if you bought it late and don’t play much. Throw them some love, check’em out.


Works for me, thinking about upgrading of course. Accessing this info helps greatly. Micromanaging on the go helps sit down and play more when back in the game.

Love it, great app. But...

This is a great app, I love to use it. But one thing I would like, is a timer for the daily items, for when they end. Other than that, it’s perfect.

Good app

I like it it works and does even more than I need, don’t like the ads but they handle it well


One word amazing app


This app is great very useful not very fond of the slow updating the season status but overall pretty good


smooth, goond, it workn, nice applicate

Overall great app

This is an overall great app and is not infested with ads. Could use some future features added and definitely some more cosmetically appealing updates.



Best app for victory

It will help u win

Fortnite stats

I like how they keep this app up to date with fortnite

Solid work boys

Does what I need it to do not much else I can ask for since my stats don't show up on Xbox anymore.

Horrible app

This app does not have updated stats. I have over 20 wins, and the app says I have 0. Like what’s the point in using this app if the stats are not current? Delete this app, it’s garbage.

Love this app so much!

This app is amazing, love how you can postpone ads, but just wish it would be like 1 hour of on app time, and 15 min of on app time for a skippable ad. Also wish the map was a smoother zoom and pan experience, and that the stats were clearer about what filter each section is

Great app

Able to see the weekly missions walk through a lot faster with this app than looking it up and the gun stats are great.

Deserves past 5 stars

The amount of knowledge you are getting from this is crazy especially save the world i love the live feature mode thats a game winner, overall great app definitely recommend you download it, also tons and tons of information for battle royale probably took hours to collect which makes it a well made app thanks for making it will continue to use it until i dont play fortnite anymore.

It’s great

It’s great it tells me my wins and stuff but I’ve been winning on mobile latley and would like to know how many wins I have but I can’t search mobile users can u help me or add this into the app

Helpful app

Very good, only suggestion is to have a suggested line on the battle pass to get the most stars in one game.

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