Companion for Fortnite App Reviews

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Best app for fortnite

That’s the best app for fortnite

Fortnite tracker

Use it to see the shop when I’m not home, great app


Gives you everything




It is so good It is so well designed i can’t find everything i need

Thank you

Hey thanks now I know the damage of guns and I know more skin thank you.


Super cool! Now I can find all the chests! This is a good app, I like the weapon comparison, the tab that shows what's for sale, everything! Awesome, five star rating! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Very Useful

I recommend


Very informative

Great help

Is a great help for playing Fortnite very detailed.

Thanks you

Amazing app so helpful to me

Best companion

Try it

Great app

Great all around app for Fortnite fans.

I like it, you will to

I spent 2$ on this app because they deserve it more than fortnite probably😂I like what they are doing, it's very functional, shop goes up in seconds, I learned about shotguns and their damage and such. Would recommend👍thanks for this good app! (And save the world pop ups are useful)

Half of what I expected

Ok it is good for battle Royale but save the world not so much


App is great, but u should make a section with like highlights and stuff. Or like “best of fortnite” for the week

Great app

Good info for pvp and pve modes.

Great App

Great App dont stop what you're doing!!!

Very helpful app

Great app

It’s not bad.

I only use it for Save the World, I don’t really see the point in using it for Royale. Let’s you know the rewards of missions but doesn’t say which missions they are so you still have to look for them, but it does say the area it’s in so it narrows the search. Wish it let me keep track of my collection book though.


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It’s ok

Love it

Works well give me more stats and I can check up on what for sale

Amazing app

This app is perfect to track my fortnite stuff. I only want it to have a better system to find old items (like a search box) and for it to show the actual dance of an emote when you click on it. In all, this app is great and if you play fortnite you should 100% get it!!!!!! :D :)




This app can tell you anything you need to know about fortnite. It has player stats weapon stats current sales cosmetics leaked items and everything for pve too

Very helpful App

The app gives notifications for Vbucks in the pay to play save the world and also gives you store updates when it refreshes

Companion for Fortnite review

This is the best.


Extremely helpful, especially with the battle pass missions😁


Very helpful app

Really useful

It shows the shop change really fast tells you all the possible chest spawns on maps town randomizer and more stuff that actually helps you get the victory royale


It will help you learn facts about the game of fortnite and is sweet!!!!


This app is good for fortnite players :)


Hello, it is I Julio Jones. Download this game before I behead thee.

Hey guy

But fhigc




Very useful app

So helpful

I learned so much from this app

Ok I wish it had more


Download Now!

first no im not a bot and i would like to say as a player with 200 plus wins 10k plus kills this alpis amazing i recommend it for stw players and br. stw more likely should be focused for so it has really left the scene. Developers you out did yourselves. if i could rate 6 stars i certainly would

Very helpful

Awesome app, you can tell lots of time was put into it. Love the calculators and lists!!

It's terrible

Terrible didn't even show stats or pictures just the name of the things


The companion is awesome

Good app

Very well made and helpful

Too much ads

Do I need to watch 30 secs of annoying advertising ? Really? Your is only images man and tips that everyone can find on google without wait too much for a small tip


This helped me a lot, thanks to this I already have omega without buying any tiers. I wish they had a emote dance soundboard though

Love it

I love this app a lot but then sometimes the app crashes. Hopefully you guys can fix it Thanks


It helped me with the battle pass and it’s such a great app that I think every fortnite player should have.

It is so cool


Fortnite Essential

Quick and easy view of what you need and looking for without hassle of browsing maps. Makes easy work of vbuck grind planning.

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