Companion for Fortnite App Reviews

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Super helpful. Amazing looting


I like it


Great app, I use it always.



Great way to get the V Bucks

Out standing app. I would and do recommend it.

Companion for fortnite

This app helps me know what my stats are and what challenge I am on. And that is amazing.

Nice app

Nice app love it me and my brothers all use it without a complaint and it doesn’t even take up much storage wish I can donate

Great App

While there is a few things that could be changed, the app is wonderful. The features the developers added are great. Everything you need for a companion app. And the ads selections are great. Would definitely support if I had the money.

Awesome! Must have for any Fortnite-user

Really good app! Sometimes the gun comparison glitches out, but that’s about it. Absolutely necessary for anyone who plays Fortnite!

Great companion app!

Solid data, great interface

This app is great

It helps with all my fortnite needs.

Best thing ever for Fornite

It’s is the best go Download in Fortnite it helps with week challenges and for that tells pretty much all the items guns, back blings, skins, and items

Good for farming vbucks on STW

Thats all

Fortnite app

It’s not a 5 cause of how many ads I get

Companion for Fortnite

I love it and use it all the time

Very accurate

This app is accurate it tells you proper info and latest news


This app is cool


The way you have control over your ads are nice.


No puedo ver las misiones de cada mapa nomas dice refresh y nunca se eneseñan y lo desistanle y lo instalé 3 veces y aún así tampoco

Muy buena

La aplicación es muy buena, pero deberían ponerla en español




Helps a lot


Omg it’s the best app anyone can use for fortnite.

Great app




Absolutely amazing

That fact they put that much time and effort makes it such a great app and is very helpful


Great companion app for the game! Not really sure if I am using it right or how to use it but it seems like it would be great if I did.


I love it

Great companion.

I love this app! Not sure how I got by without it.

This is good and real

Hi there to everyone who thinks this is bad and crappy I got this app it has everything STW stuff and BTR stuff (probably here for Battle Royale) anyways you can look at stats and watch videos of emotes in the shop look at the item shop even! This app is great!

Doesn’t say my stats-$&

Get it


💯Amazing Overall💯

Amazing br notices, especially the STW weapon comparisons and my favorite category, the daily llama and mission alerts


Best App I have ever downloaded. I paid the requested NOT required donation. This company did an outstanding job... Fortnite players download immediately!!!!!!

This is super cool keep up the good work

You guys are cool keep up the hard work

Great app

Very good and informational application.Keep with good work.

Good, could be a bit better

It’s great, just a little confusing to navigate at first

Great app

Best STW app out there

Best app for fortnite

I use it on a reg basis. Easy to use and track

Very helpful.

Helps find Vbucks.



Very good

I like it


يستاهل 5 نجوم ❤️

It is really helpful

It help me keep up track of the updates and my challenges even it helpful to land.


Awesome app I’m lovin it

So useful

Please keep updating!


I wish you could check mobile player stats, but also very good.

Amazing app

A must have if you play save the world literally helping in every way

This is perfect

It’s ok

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