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I like it a lot

The problem is that epic games remove the pictures from the app and won’t let us get access to the good parts of this app. Even though it was very helpful before epic games removed them I still check this app out a lot. Please tell epic games to bring the stuff they removed back

Very good.

This is probably the best companion I've ever downloaded! Highly recommend 👍

I love this app

It’s app is very good to use if u want to know about fortnite u should download this app 👍🏾😃

Epic is shutting you down why

This app has helped me so much but when it’s shut down if it gets shut down I’m going to be troubled

Great app until epic ruined it

I had the Purple Heart which I paid for and my phone broke I am using a loner from apple and the app won’t restore my purchase for the Purple Heart


You should try to get official by epic games. Then it would let you have pics, see leaked, etc. other than that, the game is great!

So helpful!

So helpful for me a save the world and battle Royale player love the idea and that they “the dev or devs” play save the world, as I said extremely useful big shoutout to genesis dev By the way any Ariel assault trooper trades?

Without this app I probably wouldn’t have gotten archetype

Epic shouldn’t attack this all, it’s not like you are causing them to make less money, the opposite in fact

Such Babies...

I can’t believe that Epic Games told you guys to remove icons/ pictures. If they’re doing that, they should tell the millions of other people that use their icons and pictures for news articles, other apps, videos, images on search engines, etc.

Great app, but needs one improvement

Well guys I hope y'all enjoy your 2 sodas:) but I really would like to see the app not crash. It crashes every time I go to look at the battle royale map. But on the other hand the cosmetics and the leaked part is my favorite. So guys keep up the good work and hopefully fix my problem. Also I really wish you guys would add Nintendo switch stats to the account stats.


WAY TOO MANY ADS! I just want to get into the app and check the store to see if there are any decent purchasable items and guess what? A pop up comes up and tells me I have to watch a 30 second ad. If this wasn’t an issue, my rating would be much higher.

What happened Gnejs?

What happened to the app Gnejs? None of the weapons or items show up and they just says “Removed by Epic”. Please explain to me and to others about what has happened to the app and why Epic Games forced your development team to remove all images from Fortnite.

Great app

This app is very helpful but epic sadly got rid of the icons witch is quite frustrating. If the developer could solve this minor problem that would be great.


The app is on point

Love it

I love this app. It is better than all the others. The players’ scores are updated very quickly. Epic Games, please allow them to have the icons back!



It won’t show my Nintendo switch account

I have lots of wins on switch but it says I have zero

This companion is AWESOME

Everything Is Awesome


I can find stats and compare favorite guns


Very good app


Never have I seen an app as useful as this, updates are great and it’s making getting challenges done so much easier.

Amazing app! First time player here

Friends have been trying to get me to buy the battle pass and to start playing this game since last year. Finally caved and bought it for this season. Quickly started to love the game, now I want to make sure I get to tier 100 before the end of the season. This app gives me a way of tracking what I need to get done, and gives a detailed weekly guide of how to do it. Extremely useful. Can’t imagine playing the game without it. Especially if you want to finish the challenges. Also super helpful that you can see the items for sale every single time the items get refreshed without having to boot up the game. Amazing app!

Great app

Much better than competitors and very informational


Thanks very much

Great app

Looks to everything legit. I recommend it to anyone who is a save the world player. Which is the best game mode of fortnite!

Pls dont take down

Recently i saw that apparently epic games wants to take down this app, pls dont, it is a great app, probably the best you can get. It tells whats in the shop, all leaked cosmetics and skins, news updates, it has a list with pictures of every skin and cosmetic, it has a map for Battle Royale with ATK’s, shopping carts, vending machines, rifts and pretty much every thing, it even has a guide for every week of challenges, it also a checklist for the challenges! Get this!!!


It’s a good app they just need to add Nintendo switch stats

Really helpful

I really like this app it’s extremely helpful and accurate and the people that made it if they put in as much work as Fortnite do every week this will be your little helpful tool lit!!!

Excellent Resource

I love this app!

Best App for Fortnite news etc

I checked out other apps this has the smallest space and doesn’t take any space in your phone and it provides screenshots and everything of chests challenges etc. News is accurate and quick . Other apps make you do apps or make you pay for features while this app has no ads and no in app purchases but does say support the creator with his twitch which is awesome. 10/10

It is great

Ok the best things about it are that when you are away from home you can check pretty much everything for save the world and the features are just amazing.

Fortnite Companion

This is an awesome app that tells you everything about Fortnite Battle Royale and Save The World.

Great App

This is a great app. It does what it advertises and it’s works. The only thing I would change is that there should be a way to view each individual weapon and its status on full screen. It would also be cool if there was a location map of the battle stars. But overall great app.


It’s poo poo for now


A free app with everything you need and basically no ads!


Ive couldn’t done the weekly challenges without u guys But can U send the challenges 10mn after it will come out plz😍

Great app!

I would strongly recommend this app for any Fortnite fans

Love this app so much!

This app is amazing, I use it daily and I love how you can postpone ads, but there are a few improvements to be made. For one, I wish the pickaxe, clingers, grenades, etc would be added to the weapon stats page. And I wish we could sign in to our profile or something and be the default stats profile. Also please bring back the last 7 days stat area. It would be cool if there was an all time, or last 7 days option like there is for PS4 xb1 and pc/solo, duos, and squads. Also I’m confused about how the recoil and bloom numbers work. What do the values mean? Example. Scar: 3.15 vert recoil. 3.15 what tho. Like 3.15 pixels up... or what?… Love the app tho and definitely recommend it

Please add switch

Please add the nintindo switch stats


A cool map for Fortnite

Didn't try it out

Cool it's awesome even tho I haven't tried


This app is actually really good, it gives you a lot of information, the only suggestion i would make is it should give the locations of where to find different materials in save the world. And also walk throughs for mission would help also.

Needs a serious ui interface remodel

This app needs a remodel, all the buttons and images seem old. This also would be a lot better if it could link to an account.


I got this app to see my account stats but for some reason no matter how precisely and carefully I typed the letters, it said “no stats found” and sometimes even “no account found” And it’s weird because I’ve been playing for a little over 4 months and I know I’ve gotten at least one I isn’t it working for me?? Please help!


For a free app with little to no ads it’s incredibly good


One of the greatest resources of info I love being able to see leaked skins

Very informative

Love the app


The most helpful app ever for gaming especially YT

Great app!

Helps a lot thanks!

The best Fortnite guide!


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